About The London Nail Laser Clinic

Martine Abrahams, a Podiatrist with more than 19 years experience has been providing treatment for this very stubborn and unsightly infective disease, both in the NHS and Private Practice. Martine studied at Birmingham School of Podiatry and completed a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Podiatry, is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and is registered with the Health Professions Council. Using the latest low level laser therapy called Lunula (often called Cold Laser) she and her associates are able to safely penetrate beneath the nail to eradicate the spores and encourage the nails to heal.

Over the years Martine had become frustrated at the lack of successful safe treatments available and the difficulty in treating her patients with fungal nail infections.

She was introduced to the benefits of the PinPointe FootLaser in America in 2009 and found the results so outstanding that she pioneered the technology in the UK. In 2012 The London Nail Laser Clinic introduced the Lunula ‘Cold’ Laser into the UK and has since been seeing even more successful results. The clinic is actively involved in research and advancement of this treatment method.

Podiatrists are not medical doctors but specialists in the care of the foot and the structures that impact upon it. Podiatrists are Primary Care Practitioners and do not require a referral from a third party to consult.

Practice managers Amanda Kyte and Dawn Theobald, together with Alex Gold, will co-ordinate your care, help arrange your appointments and provide you with any information you require.

The Lunula ‘Cold’ Laser treatment is carried out by Martine Abrahams, Kate Walker and Adrian Kriss at our various clinics.